Tecomec Jolly Super Chain Grinder *Sharpens all types of chainsaw Chains*

Tecomec Jolly Super Chain Grinder

This new Tecomec Jolly Super Chain Grinder will sharpen semi chisel and full chisel chains in every pitch and gauge of chain.

This grinder is a full *workshop grade plus hydraulic assist* unit and will serve you well as your latest new tool. The hydraulic assist is that the carriage has a “Auto Lock” so it locks the chain in position as soon as the grinding head is moved down, making these units SUPRER fast to use, would cut a third off your sharpening time.

This grinder has a tilting chain carriage (holds the chain) it has a *0* position in the middle and 15 degrees tilt either side so you can do full chisel chain at the correct angles. The *0* position is for semi chisel.

These machines are Full Commercial grade and easy to use once you can the hang of it, if you have any problems using it i.e getting the right shape in your chain tooth, just give me a call and I can step you through the basic adjustment steps etc… I have 20 years plus experience using these tools and know what its like to learn how to use correctly which makes a huge difference knowing the basic’s.

Grinder is a 230 volt normal 3 pin plug, you can run it off a inverter type generator but needs to be 2kw (2000w) for the start up etc.. is a bench mounted grinder.

Any problems won’t be the machine only the operator Ha, Ha I’m here to help.

Kit Includes
1x Jolly Star chain grinder
1 x 4.7mm grinding stone, used for 3/8 standard and 404 pitch chains
1 x 3.2mm grinding stone, used for 3/8 low profile and .325 pitch chains
1 x 6mm flat stone for depth gauges
1 x dressing stick, to clean and reshape your grinding stones
1 x set of allen keys a chain gauge tool.

Any Questions just ask.

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