Tecomec Chain Breaker *Break all types of chainsaw Chains*

Tecomec Chain Breaker

This new Tecomec (Italian Brand)) chain breaker and rivet spinner (chain joiner) will break any brand chains in every pitch and gauge of chain.

These chain tools is a full *workshop grade* and will last a life time, have a set of these in my workshop still working as new and are 30 plus years old.

The chain breaker comes with a punch which is replaceable once worn, used properly will break at least 1000 chains before it needs replacing.

Any problems won’t be the tools only the operator Ha, Ha I’m here to help, For contact details see *About this Store*

Kit Includes
1x Tecomec chain breaker
the breaker comes with a ANVIL to hold the chain is fully adjustable to fit chains in any size from 1/4 pitch to 404 pitch.

Can’t use this for Harvester chain sorry.

Will need to be mounted onto a bench for proper use, thanks.

Any Questions just ask.

95.68$ (USD)

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