Stihl Flywheel Removal Tool *Double Ended*

Stihl Flywheel Removal Tool *Double Ended*

This is a Double ended flywheel removal tool, these are awesome for helping to remove the following model Stihl flywheels.

038, 044, 046, 064, 066 and the MS381, MS440, MS441, MS460, MS660 etc.. any Stihl flywheel that has a internal female thread that the tool screws into the flywheel then you screw in the bolt and do it up tight on the crankshaft, once very tight if it doesn’t release you just hit the end of the bolt with a steel hammer and it always releases as on a taper.

The tool is double ended with the two different thread sizes required to remove these models etc..

Please note a lot of models don’t need this tool so please check your flywheel first for the internal female thread etc..

Any Questions just ask.

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