STIHL 084 Muffler Assembly with all Bolts *MODIFIED*

Modified Stihl 084 Muffler Assembly with all Mounting Bolts

This is for a new aftermarket muffler assembly that has been modified to fit a Stihl 084, they are a bargain at this price.

Comes with all mounting bolts needed to fit.

To fit you bolt the adapter header on first, then loosely screw the muffler to the adapter and the bottom two front bolts, then tighten the muffler to the adapter remove the 6mm bottom bolts and fit muffler front and secure.

I have had this saw running and ran very well, is a twin port muffler.

Have had very good feed back that these mufflers work well and doesn’t alter performance etc…

These mufflers are good quality, I have made these types of mufflers many times myself.

Any Questions just ask.

212.31$ (USD)

2 in stock

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