SPEED SQUARE 2.4mm, 2lb Roll (137m) *Made in France*

SPEED SQUARE 2.4mm, 2lb Roll (137m) *Made in France*

This is for one new 2 pound roll (137m) of SPEED SQUARE trimmer line, this line is made in France and is top quality in every way.

This trimmer line is full commercial, industrial grade line will suit any application and most trimmers 24cc and up.

It will depend on the cutting head you have to what size line you will need or be best suited, below is a rough guide to go by.

Electric Trimmers and small bend shaft trimmers : 2mm line

24cc- 30cc straight shaft trimmers mainly run 2.4mm but a lot of heads will run 2.7mm

30cc – 50cc will run 3mm line but a lot of bigger machines with aluminum heads will run 3mm – 3.3mm etc…

This large roll will mainly suit “lawnmowing contractors” or the “lifestyle block” owner but is the cheapest most cost effective way to buy.

Any Questions just ask.


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