SPEED FEED 450 NYLON HEAD with All Adapters

Speed Feed 450, Nylon Head Suit MOST Straight Shaft Machines

This auction is for ONE complete SPEED FEED NYLON HEAD with the the following adapters

M10 x 1mm female adapter. Stihl
M12 x 1.5mm female adapter some Large Husqvarna models
M10 x 1.25mm female adapter some smaller Husqvarna models
M9 x 1,25mm
M8 x 1.25mm female adapter some Echo, Shindiawa etc..
Stud 8mm x 10mm some Shindaiwa
Stud 7mm x 10mm

This auction is for a new aftermarket SPEED FEED nylon BUMP feed head for the following Stihl FS Trimmers FS80, FS85, FS90, FS110, FS130, FS94, FS131, FS120, FS200, FS250 also fits all the KM type attachments.

PLEASE NOTE: If you find the head to sensitive you will need to mount the black plastic washer above the head this helps a lot when running on a Stihl machine.

Can make these head fit most straight shaft machines with a left hand thread Husqvarna, Echo, Shindaiwa, Jonsered, Makita etc..

The awesome thing about these heads is you don’t have to pull them apart to fill them with line, you just twist the bottom part of the head until the FEED arrows line up, then feed one big length of line through (about 3-4 meters) pull through so there is and even amount of line on both sides then just wind the head up and it pulls all the line in at the same time, then just TAP and GO.

I can load this type of head in less than a minute, hence SPEED FEED name.

The green one is 10mm x 1mm left hand thread, suits Stihl FS44, FS55, FS85, FS90, FS110, FS130, FS120, FS200, FS250 etc… can also do an adapter for the bigger machines that run a 12mm thread, and have left hand taps for all sizes, so can make this head fit anything!

Any Questions just ask.


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