Genuine Sandvic Windsor (Carlton) Bar Tip 404

This new Sandvic Windsor (Carlton) tip will fit any *Late Model* Carlton Pro solid billet bars or the older Sandciv Windsor bars that are a 5 rivet tip, is 404 pitch so please check the chain your saw is running.

The tongue of the tip is 45mm long and is a 5 rivet tip, if fitting to a Sandvic Windsor please check the tongue length as the very old Sandvic Windsor bars some have a even longer tongue again.

Stihl saws that can run .404 are 066, 084, 088, 070, 090 and the MS660, 661, 880 etc..

Husqvarna saws that can run .404 are 288, 298, 2100, 394, 395, 3120

Any Questions just ask.


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