MTD Idler Pulley FLAT 123mm OD x 25mm Height

MTD Idler Pulley FLAT 123mm OD x 25mm Height

This is for one flat idler pulley assembly assembly.

So the the back flat edge of the belt runs againts the flat of this pulley, this is not a V pulley etc..

This pulley fits a lot of different machines, below is the pulleys sizes etc..

Pulley measurements are below

Centre Hole Diameter 9.5mm (3/8 bolt)
Outside Diameter 123mm
Pulley Height 25mm

OEM Part No: 75604049, 95604049

Fits Massey Ferguson models MF36-16ARD, MF41-22RD, 13HP91GN395, 13HD90GE395, 13AV51CE654

Fits Cub Cadet models 1023 XT2, CC1020 RD, CC1023HNK, 13AB51CJ630, 13AE51CN630, 13AE51CN654, 13AF91AN603, 13AP51CJ630, 13BF91AN603, 13BF91AN603N, 13HN99AE330, 13HQ91AN330

Fits MTD models CC1000RD, CC1020RD, GLX105, GLX105RA, HE5150K, HN5220, JE145A, JN175H, MF41-25RD, 13A951CN603, 13AB51CJ630, 13AE51CE630, 13AE51CN403, 13AE51CN630, 13AE51CN654, 13AF51GN690, 13AF51YN443, 13AF91AN603, 13AM483E670, 13AM488E670, 13AM488N605, 13AM498N670, 13AP51CJ630, 13AT514N643, 13AV51CE654, 13BD514E671, 13BE514N671, 13BI513N686, 13BI51CN695, 13BN493N676, 13BP514N671, 13BT50GN690, 13BT514N671, 13BW506N690, 13BW506N696, 13C1514E671, 13CD50GN690, 13CF51GN690, 13CG514E671, 13CI514E671, 13CI51CN495, 13CJ50GN690, 13ED50GE690, 13HD91AE330

Fits Rover models RZTL34, 17AQNAEU333

Any Questions just ask.


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