MTD, CUB CADET 41 inch CATCHING Blade Set *Made in USA*


This is for a set of new aftermarket 41 inch catching blades for the models listed below. Has a left hand blade and a right hand blade.

This blade fits a lot of different makes of machines, below is a huge list of the part numbers and models it fits.

Please note these blades have what is called the “H” patteren which is the same fit as the 6 point star like the genuine blades. The third picture shows the six point star, second picture shows the “H” pattern, they are the same fit.

OEM Part No: 94204081, 74204081, 7420671a, 9420671, 74204025
LH Blade

OEM Part No: 94204080, 74204080, 9420670, 7420670a, 74204025
RH Blade

Fits Troy Bilt 41″ cut rear discharge

Fits Rover models LN200H, 13HT71KN378, 13HT71KN678, 13RT71KN678

Fits Massey Ferguson MF41-20RD, MF41-22RD, 13HP91GN395

Fits White 41″ cut rear discharge

Fits Yardman 41″ cut rear discharge

Fits Cub Cadet models 41″ cut 1020, CC1020 RD, 1023, 1023 XT2, CC1023 RD, CC1023HNK, 13AB51CJ630, 13AE51CN630, 13AF91AN603, 13AP51CJ630, 13AQA1CR330, 13BF91AN603, 13BF91AN603N, 13HQ91AN330.

Fits MTD 41″ cut rear discharge 155H, GLX105, GLX105RA, GLX105RHL-SK, HN5180, HN5200, JN150H, LN165H, LN175, SN155H, 13498N, 13514N, 13518N, 13AB51CJ630, 13AE51CN630, 13AF51GN690, 13AF91AN603, 13AM498N670, 13AP518N670, 13AP51CJ630, 13AT514N643, 13BA518N670, 13BE514N643, 13BE514N671, 13BP514N671, 13BT514N671, 13BW506N696, 13CD50GN690, 13CD50GNRA, 13CF51GN690, 13CJ50GN, 13CJ50GN690, 13HN71KN678N, 13IN71KN378, 13RN71KN678, 13RN71KN678N, 13RT71KN678

Blades measurements are below

Centre Hole 6 point star
Length 540mm
Thickness 4mm

Any Questions just ask.

MT-BLAD-N41CL Left hand blade
MT-BLAD-N41CR Right hand blade

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