LOG ROLLER *Kant Hook*

Kant Hook or Log Roller

Main Shaft 1.8m long

This kant hook is designed and made in New Zealand, the pictures (in the field) show my own personal one that I made over 10 years ago that is still going strong.

The word “Kant” comes from CANADA where they are originally made the home of BIG timber etc…. these awesome tools are the must for every serious Firewooder, Treeman, Arborist or if you are the PRO that just has a worn out back !?!

The key with this tool is LEVERAGE.

The key purpose with this tool is to keep your chain sharp, you may say “What do you mean” well what bluntens your chain the most DIRT.

By not chopping your rings right through you will save hours of sharpening and save your saw that hard work of cutting with a blunt chain.

The theory of breaking down a big log into rings is made a lot easier by doing all your rings and leaving the bottom inch of your cut and then rolling the log over to finish of the cuts etc…

Another way to do it is to just break off the rings by pulling the top edge of the ring down and snapping the ring off, will depend on the wood being cut to how good this will work.

Also for those BIG 5-6 foot plus trees these are awesome for removing that big SCRAF cut when felling, These Log Rollers are awesome and you will wonder why you haven’t always had one so save your BACK, TIME and MONEY.

I can stand up a fallen over 4-5 foot ring with one of these, roll over a 3-4 foot log five to six metres long.

If you want any other different type of chainsaw tools just ask.

Any Questions just ask.


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