Husqvarna 280, 380, 480 Brake Assembly

Husqvarna 280, 380, 480 Chain Brake Assembly, Clutch Cover, Chain Cover, Sprocket Cover

This is a new aftermarket sprocket cover with brake assembly for a Husqvarna 280, 380, 480 chainsaw and a bargain at this price.

Note the second picture is of a genuine non brake 2100 cover just to show the fitment, this part is not for sale.

These assembly’s also fit on and work for the Husqvarna 280, 380, 480 etc.. the covers fit over the bar studs and clutch but just a little short at the back. These cover are slightly modified to make them fit even better.

These assembly’s are good quality, I have fitted many myself. They work very well.

Any Questions just ask.


65.11$ (USD)

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