Husqvarna 36,136,137,41,142, 236, 240 Clutch Drum 7 Tooth Rim Type 3/8 Low Pro

Husqvarna 36,41,136,137,142 Clutch Drum Rim Type 3/8 Low Profile

This is a new aftermarket clutch drum for a Husqvarna 36, 41, 136, 137, 142, 236, 240 all are the same fit and a bargain at this price.

Comes with a 7 tooth rim sprocket and a bearing running 3/8 low porfile pitch chain. Please check your saw as these saws can run .325 chain as well.

Can do the clutches as well.

These clutch drums are good quality, I have fitted many myself.

Any Questions just ask.


22.08$ (USD)

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