HUSQVARNA 288 High Top with 30 INCH BAR *88cc of Grunt*

Second Hand

Husqvarna 288XP chainsaw


New 30 inch bar and chain

This saw is in very good condition. Runs and idles very well and has a new 30 inch bar and chain. The saw has very good compression and and a decompression valve for easy starting.

These saws normally have 5 mounts and I have added two AV buffers to the bottom front, when they went to spring mounts they just had stopper pins fitted, so in total has 7 mounts.

All round nice saw with plenty of power. Could run a 36 inch no problems at all.

Bar is a new 30 inch, 3/8 pitch, 058 gauge, chain is 102 drive links long.

Any Questions just ask.



622.78$ (USD)

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