Honda GX140, GX160, GX200 Starter Assembly 4hp – 6.5hp FLAT STEEL PAWLS

Honda GX160 Starter Assembly 4hp- 6.5hp

This is for a “New” aftermarket Starter Assembly with FLAT STEEL pawls for a Honda GX140, GX160, GX200 all are the same fit and a bargain at this price.

Please check your engine first as this version is the most common, but the STEEL FLAT is also common and there is also a PLATSIC versions as well, we have both in stock so just aske and we will direct you to the correct listing, thanks.

Also have in stock starters for GX340, GX390, 154F

Can also get just about any starter for any Honda, just ask for a price etc.. and I’ll start you a auction.

Any Questions just ask.

27.74$ (USD)

1 in stock

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