Carburetor Pressure Test Kit *Good To Pressure Test Anything on a 2 Stroke*

Carburetor Pressure Test Kit

This is for a very handy workshop tool a carburetor pressure tool, works by fitting one of the hoses to the fuel inlet of the carburetor and pump it up to see if holding pressure. Just pump the aluminum button on the end (make sure the release valve is closed) and it will pump up and measure the pressure etc…

I use one of these tools daily in my workshop but not only for carburetors. You can also test. fuel lines for leaks and even use it to pressure test a engine etc…

These are very good quality I have had my one for years, has a aluminum body will last forever just don’t DROP IT as you may damaged the gauge are a very versatile tool every two stroke mechanic needs one,

Comes with a Zama and Walbro carburetor needle arm gauge tool, the tools have all the various different models stamped on them i.e Walbro has HD, WJ, WY etc.. and you simply sit that edge on the outer edges of the carb and the gauge tool will tell you if the needle arm is to high, to low or bang on etc…

Comes with different size hoses and fittings to test any carburetor.


Any Questions just ask.

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