60 inch GENUINE Slabbing Mill *ALASKAN* run a 36 to 60 inch Bar

New Genuine 60″ Alaskan Slabbing Mill

These genuine Alaskan slabbing mills are well made from the highest grade aircraft aluminium and will take from a 36 inch to a 60 inch bar are at a very good price.

This mill will take bars and chains of all types from big single ended bar two the DOUBLE ended bars,

Has adjustable slab heights at either end and the sliding far end will adjust towards the operator so smaller length bars can be used with the excess rails hanging out the back.

Awesome tool for milling your own timber and combine this with a vertical mini mill and you can cut any sized timber, just ask and I can direct you to the listing for the mini mill.

Can do big 30, 36, 42, 50, 60 inch bars and chains for most saws so just for a price.

Can do 3/8 Skip chain, 3/8 ripping chain, 404 skip chain, 404 ripping chain and 404 Super Skip, just ask for pricing.

Please remember you will need a ladder or some type of rail system to bolt to the top of the log for the first cut, after that the horizontal rails run on the previous cut etc..

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Any Questions just ask.


537.85$ (USD)

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