17 inch GB Bar & Carlton Chain, suit HUSKY 357, 359, 455, 460, 262 etc..

17″ GB bar and Carlton chain to suit Husqvarna

This GB bar with chain will suit Husqvarna’s 262, 357, 359, 455, 460 etc..

Bar is a GB brand, UHL fit (K095 Oregon) 3/8 pitch, 050 gauge with a replaceable tip and the chain is 64 links long. Chain is Carlton A1EP semi chisel chain.

You can have Full Chisel chain if you like, just leave me a note after.

GB bars are a Australia Brand. Please check your saw that it is running 3/8 standard chain.

If you aren’t sure if it will fit your saw or any questions just ask.


48.12$ (USD)

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