1 Litre 2 STROKE OIL *Semi-Synthetic* JASO FD Best Oil Money Can Buy

1 Litre 2 STROKE OIL *Semi-Synthetic* JASO FD

This 2 stroke oil is the best 2 stroke oil you can buy, is rated at FASO “FD” or has a API rating of “TC”.

Is suitable for all new and old chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, concrete saws, motor bikes, outboard motors, racing carts any and all 2 stroke engines etc…

JASO is a European rating that is highly recognized world wide and is the best rating to go by as it has FOUR categories not three, making the top category the very best, they are listed below.

JASO “FA” if in this category it is Rubbish “Don’t use will seize every time in a two stroke, only good for a lawn mower, low revving engine.

JASO “FB” is better than FA but will more often cause seizers still, especially in late model chainsaws that are high revving 13000RMP plus etc..

JASO “FC” is good you will cause no problems at 35:1 but I wouldn’t use at 50:1

JASO “FD” is the very best you can get, use it in any machine you like at manufactures recommended spec’s.

Just don’t use Gull 91 petrol as it has heaps of Ethanol (effectively water H20) in it and even with good oil can still cause seizers, makes machine run to hot etc..

Any Questions just ask.


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